build your own

What do Brian May, Eddie Van Halen and Tom Morello all have in common? They all have either built their own guitars or heavily modified them – and now you can too. Put Trevor Binford’s luthiery skills and the great kiwi DIY tradition together and you’ve got something magical. Got an instrument design in mind? We can help. Whether it’s an electric instrument, flat top acoustic, ukulele or something a bit more exotic we can guide and advise you through the building process.

Or you may have some extensive modifications you wish to perform on your guitar and simply don’t have all the necessary tools and workspace. Our fully equipped workshop is a self builders/modifiers paradise. If you are unsure of your instrument concept just get in touch and we can advise on what can be done, no obligation.

Now’s your chance to have a complete hands on building experience and come away with truly your very own instrument.