If you have an instrument that is in need of some attention then we can get it back on its feet again. No obligation instrument inspections. We have never seen an instrument we couldn't repair, no matter how old. We offer the following services:

  • Set Ups –  Adjust the action to make the instrument more playable. Check the intonation of the instrument so it can be tuned properly. Set ups include a new set of strings.
  • Electronics Repairs – Noisey pot? Noisey Jack? No sound? No problem. We can also install wiring upgrade kits.
  • Neck Resets – Electric or acoustic, 'dovetail' or 'bolt-on'.
  • Fret Dress – Got some buzzing here and there? A bit of strategic filing can make a big difference to the playability of your instrument.
  • Piece of your instrument missing – Lets find or build a replacement part.

Use the contact details on the right to get in touch and discuss your instrument's requirements